Igor Spectre Press Kit

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With a repertoire of infectious songs ranging from all-out electric vintage punk to paint-peeling surf insanity to malevolent carnival rock, Igor Spectre’s been called “Barnabus Collins Meets Dinner Theater” by Dionysus Records’ Lee Joseph, “black glitter bukkake” by a guy named Jim, and manages to blow the roof off every venue they play.

Having played with The Adicts, Channel 3, Agent Orange, D.I., the Black Keys, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, New Model Army, Semi-Precious Weapons, Gene Loves Jezebel, 45 Grave, Primadonna, The Skulls, The Stitches, Voltaire, Nikki Sudden, Demonika & The Darklings, The Lords of Altamont, Frankenstein, DC Special, ADHD, The Deep Eynde, Rosemary’s Billygoat, Penis Flytrap, Death In Dresden, Blood Penny, Experiment Perilous, The Laudenum Drops, I Still Have Nightmares, Mad Marge and the Stonecutters, Speedbuggy, and tons of other great rock acts, Igor Spectre, inspired by the likes of The Damned, Meatloaf, Marc Bolan, Joan Jett, The New York Dolls, and many others, has been blazing new trails of vamp rock bombast since forming in 2000.

Igor Spectre’s 2012 LP, STEAK, SEAFOOD, SALAD, SATAN, features 11 heart pounding vamp rock tracks like Cheerleader Suicide and Me Llamo Carlos (Yo Tengo Chainsaw), as well as epic, cinematic rock and roll soundtracks to films that don’t even exist, such as the 7 minute Two Requiems For Ruby Rose and the sunbleached surf extravaganza, Sundown Trial: The Vengeance of Drusila Desparo and The Lamentable Tale of Professor Delphi’s Traveling Repository of the Peculiar and The Cavalcade of Souls (Theme From Igor Spectre).

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Robert James of Igor Spectre

Photo by PhotoLinquist Ray Lundrigan


A participant in the L.A. club circuit since the late 80′s, Robert James helped Ralph Carrera bring to life and promote the legendary rock club TIGERMASK. He collaborated on events such as Incredibly Strange Rock n’ Roll Wrestling and The Dionysus Demolition Derby 2-3 at such venues as Bar Delux, Moguls, Spaceland, The Hollywood Athletic Club, and The Garage. Known by many names, Robert James has appeared in various independent films and stage productions throughout the years and has probably fucked your sister. Robert James co-founded the band Igor Spectre in 2000 with guitarist B. Scott O’Malley out of a desire to make music that combined the elements of darkness, glam, fun, sarcasm, and rock n’ roll.

Mary Sonic Woo of Igor Spectre

Photo by PhotoLinquist Ray Lundrigan


Although some may argue that Mary Woo’s musical career reached its pinnacle when she was chosen as drum major for her high school’s marching band, many believe that the “Wooster’s” best days as a rock goddess are still ahead of her. Mary Woo’s former crepitating endeavors include playing keyboards for the band Plexiglass Dream (don’t ask), collaborating with the group Subconcious Can Can Cult (why are your tongues green?), a stint as lead guitar for PsychoQueen (Musical Therapy for the Clinically Insane), and a brief flirtation with The Beaten (purveyors of post-apocalyptic love songs). One of Mary Woo’s missions is to bring Igor Spectre to a whole new group of admirers, including NASCAR fans and those in the world of fine arts. To that end, she has taken any opportunity to include Igor Spectre in film and video projects such as NASCAR for ESPN on ABC, and the documentary Robert Williams: Mr. Bitchin’ (click on the “Videos” tab above to seewhat’s been going on).

Braxus Bane of Igor Spectre

Guitarist B. O’Malley picked up a guitar in 1985 when he was inspired by punk guitar frontman/legend OLGA of the Toy Dolls via the track “Dougy Giro” on Dig That Groove Baby. (1985 was incidentally the year he met Robert James at Alta Loma High School in Southern California). Other primary influences on O’Malley’s blistering guitar insanity have been Captain Sensible from The Damned and Edward Van Halen (pre losing his fucking mind.) O’Malley is a filmmaker by day, having written and directed several feature films, including the Fangoria-fave BLEAK FUTURE. Other influences on O’Malley have been Joe and Eddie, Janis Joplin, Marc Bolan, D. Bowie, Sweet, The Clash, Velvet Underground, The Adicts, The Pogues, Deadbolt, Nirvana, Ramones, Sonic Youth, Meat Loaf, Pat Benatar, Cramps, Patsy Cline, Kiss, Pixies, Devo, Joan Jett, Sounds, Sleater-Kinney, Link Wray, Bomboras, ELO, Cheap Trick, Dickies, Hedwig, Queen, The Who, Rocky Horror, Modern Lovers, Blind Boys of Alabama, Flogging Molly, Peaches, Dean Martin, Led Zeppelin, Spinal Tap, AC/DC (preferably with Bon), and, of course, The Pink Floyd. O’Malley reports: “I play the rock and roll guitar for The Igor Spectre because I was born with my Les Paul in hand to save rock and roll from whiny, shiny corporate twat rockers, boyband punk posers, and talentless emo crybabies. And God Bless Jack White.” O’Malley has recently started a new band called The Blackshanks and released their first self-titled LP in 2011, featuring the entire Igor Spectre lineup sans lead vox Robert James.

Sonny X of Igor SpectreTIM KINZY
Tim Kinzy is an unknown quantity.

Dan Hume of Igor SpectreDAN™
Dan™ is an unknown quantity.


Formed in January 2000 under the moniker “Igor Spectre and The Phantoms” with the following lineup: Robert James (vocals), B. O’Malley (guitar), Knox Velour (bass), and Stygian Philter (keys). Knox Velour was replaced by Gary Doom of Total Chaos, which lasted for 2 rehearsals. The next incarnation of the lineup was mid-summer 2000 with the replacement of Knox Velour with Noxious Conundrum on bass and the addition of John Avenetti on drums. First show was October 31st, 2000 at Penn’s in Redlands, to a sellout Halloween crowd.

March 2001 the band dropped the “And The Phantoms” and recorded their first EP, BEAUTIFUL DEAD LITTLE GIRL, featuring songs BLOOD WHORE, RELEASE THE HOUNDS, and BEAUTIFUL DEAD LITTLE GIRL and proceeded to play shows until late 2001 when Stygian Philter (keys) left the band. Avenetti (drums) left shortly thereafter to pursue academia and to get married. Mario Navarro took over on drums and the band continued to rehearse at their Walnut office space and play various shows until November 2002 when Navarro left the band. Navarro was replaced by Steve Michaels in December of 2002 and the band found new energy and a new rehearsal/recording space.

In July 2003, Igor Spectre began recording their first LP with the songs FANGS OUT FIRST, PREYING MANTIS, and the Bowie cover ZIGGY STARDUST. Throughout 2003 and most of 2004, the band developed and recorded the LP, titled WE MISS THE RUSSIANS, and continued to play live shows in and around Los Angeles. Mixing on the LP commenced in September 2004, under the watchful ear of Earle Mankey, legendary musician and producer who’s been involved with such acts as Concrete Blonde, The Sparks, The Cramps, The Runaways, The Troggs, The Beach Boys, and many many more.

After a 2-year hiatus due to lead singer Robert James pursuing an anthropology degree at UCLA, the band reformed and released TRAMPS IN STEREO in 2009 and a live compilation, YOU SCREAM IN MIDNIGHT LIGHT in 2011.

Igor’s 4th LP STEAK, SEAFOOD, SALAD, SATAN! was released in mid-2012.

Igor Former Members
Numinous Abyss (John Avenetti) – Drums (2000-2001)
Stygian Philter (Mark Colgrove) – Keys (2000-2001)
Gary Doom – Bass (2000)
Chris O’Malley – Drums (2000)
Mario “Looney” Navarro – Drums (2001-2002)
Thomas Webb – Keys (2003)
Steve “Michaels” Alvarado – Drums (2002-2005)
Sonny X  – Drums (2005-2007, 2011-present)
Santos DeLeon – Drums (2005-2009)
Adam Bomb – Bass (2008-2010)
G. Gory – Bass (2010-2011)
Noxious Conundrum (Jeff Orgill) – Bass (2000-2008)

Igor Guests

Ric Rocc (guest drummer)
Mikey Mayhem – Drums (guest fill-in drummer)