Igor gets a big fat recommend from the Las Vegas Weekly

Las Vegas Weekly – Laura Davis – Wed, Aug 11, 2010

The Las Vegas Shakedown, a three-day punk, garage and rockabilly festival, returns after a nine-year hiatus this weekend, with 50 bands holding down the Beauty Bar and Las Vegas Country Saloon over three nights. Which acts to see? California psych-rockers The Warlocks and Spindrift are familiar Neon Reverb alums, and locals surely know The Vermin by now. As for the rest, let us help with a few recommendations. Igor Spectre (Friday, 5 p.m., Beauty Bar): The LA outfit’s eccentric rockabilly should make for an unparalleled spectacle. Nekromantix (Saturday, 12:20 a.m., LVCS): If B-movie horror were a band, these Danish psychobilly vets would be it. Death never rocked so hard. Throw Rag (Saturday, 10 p.m., Beauty Bar): Sailor punk, from a SoCal group that’s earned its sea legs opening for Willie Nelson and The Supersuckers. The Morlocks (Sunday, 8 p.m., LVCS): If you see just one band this weekend, consider getting down and dirty with these LA garage rockers, led by intrepid frontman Leighton Koizumi. The BellRays (Sunday, midnight, Beauty Bar): Singer Lisa Kekaula is a soul singer with a punk-rock edge — and some hard-jamming musicians at her back.…

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Tramps in Stereo CD Review by Jack of the Darkest Hours

by Jack of The Darkest Hours
originally published at
Oct 12, 2009

Igor Spectre’s’ latest release Tramps in Stereo takes the band to new levels. After taking a 2 year break the band comes tearing back with their best record to date! This is an ultra high energy album that is Rock and Roll as only they can do it. It’s best listened to at very high volumes while cruising in a hearse. The songs feature their classic sound with a new infusion of 70’s glam. Igor is straight up Rock and Roll with a dark edge and a theatrical flare. Combining qualities of Bowie, Rocky Horror, campy horror, and The Damned. Tramps in Stereo just plain rocks!

The album starts with a campy horror intro that welcomes you to “ A Rock N Roll Tragedy.” What follows is the song “Bruise Knife”. This is classic Igor. “Breakin’ Up” and “Who’s In My Mouth” keeps that classic sound going strong. With track 2, “Bloody Murder”, Robert James (vocals) trades in his top hat for a platinum blonde wig. It’s this new Glam sound that fills most of the album. The songs “Belladonna Hemlock”, Tramps in Stereo”, and “Gorgeous Monster” showcase this sound best. You can hear a Diamond Dogs era Bowie fitting right in here.

The song “Little Death” is the darkest song on the album but “Rubber Bat Necklace” is full of that campy horror we all love. One song who’s sound sticks out here is “Pharaoh’s Got The Bomb”. It’s got an odd Egyptian flavor to it. The guitar is a kin to the Cure’s “Killing and Arab”. Then there is the amazing cover of Berlin’s classic “Metro”. Finishing of the album is the ballad “Parasol.”. A heart felt and fitting end I feel.

Robert James’s vocals have never sounded better. He is able to go from a high rock scream to a low dramatic voice flawlessly. The guitar is in top form with terrific and catchy lines. Played masterfully by Braxus Bane.  There is a nice spooky organ sound that weaves it way thru the tracks created by Mary Woo. 

Tramps in Stereo is a must-own CD. Every song is terrific and it’s energy is infectious. Capturing a Glam/Vamp/Rock sound that doesn’t get old even after the 20th listening. This is an instant classic. I don’t know what you guys did during that 2 year break but what ever it was keep it up! This is truly an album to die for!

Chilean Radio Station Review of Igor Spectre – We Miss The Russians LP

TRANSLATED ROUGHLY from the original Spanish:

Let us see, by which end to begin this chronicle? Let us test visual… Imagine the atmosphere of the Blues Brothers but dress them in black; imagine the long American motorways but under a full moon. Take the gothabillymusic of Deadbolt, but in dirtier, more wild; now place all that in a Tarantino context, but a post-punk version… You have an image? Well, now transpose that in notes and you will have a small idea of what is this album. Igor Spectre like with corser a little the sauce (the attack crooner a bit kitsch at the end of ‘ Parish Lights’, the lines Ennio Morricone Gothic of ‘ The Riddle’). It is rythmé, there is this major sound of the guitars, this side rock’ quite sulfurous roll but the group never yields to the facility, avoids too much linearity (‘ Preying Mantis’ and its alternations of glaucous sensuality and dirty swirls of guitar in is a good example, especially that the verse lorgne worms of environments rather lounge, similar for ‘

“The Girl With The Wandering Eye” choruses and the Beach Boys towards the end in more…) and is risked even in calms (‘ Broken things’). A priori, here is a group which have all the ingrédiens to like the amateurs of black shirts with flames and wallets ‘ Lucky 13 ‘ whole while requiring all the same a good broadmindedness and a taste for the cinematographic atmospheres like for the black humour (not of problem on side, if not you would not be on Spooky Radio. You will thus appreciate the version punky of ‘ Ziggy Stardust’). In the gothabilly kind, it is original but to put a flat, a little too mixed. The disc proposes all the same fifteen pieces with ‘ different tranches’: thus, the beginning is pêchu, the calmer medium and the end joins again with energy of the rock’ roll but blacker, except the final one. It is a little long all the same, more especially as if on the level of the climates, there is nothing to say, concerning the melodies, all are not worth. Let us announce among the successes ‘ Ophelia Jones’, ‘ Woe is me’, ‘ Calling the children of the night’ or ‘ Coils is fate’. If I am not enthusiastic at 100%, I however recommend this group, rather particular in his kind and rather talented at the musical level. 7/10 Twilight April 2006

Rock City News – Review

rock city news 23-17-2darkerside
by Daemon Chadeau (Izevl/Demons in Exile/Rebel Alliance)
Rock City News 9/23/2005

The other CD I’m reviewing this week is from a band I saw live this past week called IGOR SPECTRE, and the CD is called “We Miss The Russians.”  The beginning of the disc is very reminiscent of The Damned, and continues throughout the record with a more Cramps and Fields of The Nephilim-like feel.  However, they’re not afraid to throw in some of the goth sounds of the 80’s into their music as well.  There’s even a deathpunk version of David Bowie’s classic “Ziggy Stardust” on here.  Braxus Bane’s guitar work is incredible and the brooding voice of Robert James has that Dave Vanian style, but a sound all his own.  The recording quality is okay, as what you’d expect from a deathrock record.  Igor Spectre is definitely one of those bands to look out for, and I give this disc a 4 out of 5 bats.

The last stop on the Darker Side rampage would happen the next night at Alex’s Bar.  Keeping the old-school flavor from the past week, Long Beach’s favorite punk and greaser dive would feature old-school punk legends from the UK known as NEW MODEL ARMY.  But first up was a deathrock band called IGOR SPECTRE.  I got there halfway through their set, and from what I saw I liked.  They had the sparse crowd into it and played their hearts out up there.  This is wahy I said earlier to keep an eye out for this band because you’ll be hearing about them a lot within the scene.

World Horror Network Review of Igor Spectre – We Miss The Russians

by XK13

The past year I have stumbled across many excellent bands mostle due the amazing talent we have here on the World Horror Network. is also a great way to discover bands that may suit your interests. I came across Igor Spectre a couple months ago looking at random peoples profiles on Myspace. So I took a listen to their song “Beautiful Dead Little Girl” and I was hooked! I Downloaded all their other songs and loved them as well. They’re blend of 70’s and 80’s rock and dark humor reminded me of something I would put into a cheesy 80’s horror movie, and after a little while longer of listening I found myself wanting to wonder around cemeteries and show up random peoples funerals just for the fun of it. After contacting the band to curse at them for my new addiction they we’re kind enough to send me their EP Beautiful Dead Little GIrl. What a bunch of nice guys! Some of their inspirations inlude, The Damned, The Pixies, T-Rex, and The New York Dolls.

“Take your fangs out and suck on this!” Shouts a banner on their myspace site. Igor Spectre pokes fun at lots of gothic cliches. The new debut album release WE MISS THE RUSSIANS from Igor Spectre is here! And it is EXCELLENT! Imagine a CD full of fun gothic rock n roll, gothic lyrics and vocals, with a touch of surf sound, and a humor about the whole thing! My favorite songs being PolterGuy which is about a man who’s skull is crushed with a hammer, and his body is thrown into a Mississippi river, only to come back to life as Polterguy and takes revenge on his assailents. “I found the man with a hammer, I plucked his eyes out with a fork.” Can’t you see the Troma style B movie plot in the song? EXCELLENT! The entire CD is packed with haunting, gothic rock, and dark humor. This band of four from Hollywood California is definitly worth checking out.