Au Revoir!

Au Revoir!

Oct 04

Dear friends and family and fans,

We’re sad to announce that Igor Spectre has come to the end of its run, after 13 good years.

We’d like to thank everybody who was a part of our story, and everybody who lost some hearing at one or more of our shows.

You were what made it happen.

We have to move on because work, family, and other things are encroaching too much on our lives to keep Igor Spectre operating at the maximum kickass level.

And why do it if we’re not gonna do it 100%, right?





Photo by Marc Campos:


In the words of the immortal Hedwig:

“Thank you.  Both of you.”

And adieu!

We love you,

Igor Spectre

Igor Spectre LIVE Fri Sep 27 & Sat Sep 28

Igor Spectre LIVE Fri Sep 27 & Sat Sep 28

Sep 10

igor_spectre_flyer_130927Igor Spectre returns after a year hiatus!
Friday Sep 27 at the Redwood Bar, Downtown Los Angeles
Saturday Sep 28 at Zoey’s, Ventura, California

Igor Spectre music in new Robert Williams Documentary, Mr. Bitchin

Igor Spectre music in new Robert Williams Documentary, Mr. Bitchin

Jul 31

mary_robtwilliamsIgor keyboardist MARY C. REESE aka MARY SONIC WOO directed and edited the new documentary about legendary L.A. low-brow artist, Robert Williams, MR. BITCHIN’.  Featuring the music of IGOR SPECTRE.

The premiere was last night at the Egyptian in Hollywood, and it was, well, bitchin’.

Robert Williams’ art can’t be summed up by just one of his works, but arguably the work that’s reached the largest audience is Appetite For Destruction, which Guns’n'Roses asked to use for their 1987 album (see below)


The music of Igor Spectre that’s featured in the film comes primarily from our 2009 album, Tramps in Stereo, which is available at iTunes here:

More information about the film can be found at

Igor Spectre music all over new documentary about artist Robert Williams

Igor Spectre music all over new documentary about artist Robert Williams

Jun 14

robert_williams_130730Say, do you like: Comic books?  Hot rods?  Awesome documentaries?  Naked girls (on sandwiches)?  Rock and/or roll?


Tues. July 30, 2013


is playing at the World-Famous Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, California

Featuring the music of IGOR SPECTRE, Alright Alright, The Chop Tops, and more!

Don’t be a fucker!  Come to this, you fucker!

Igor drummer T. Kinzy’s new video game movie

Igor drummer T. Kinzy’s new video game movie

May 23

Tim Kinzy, filmmaker, drinker, eater of stale mushrooms, and one of the editors of the hit series Battlestar Galactica, (and also the famed drummer of Igor Spectre) has just completed his new film about 80′s coin-op arcade madness:

MAN vs SNAKE – The Long and Twisted Tale of Nibbler

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Igor guitarist down for shoulder surgery

Igor guitarist down for shoulder surgery

May 15

“Damn the rotator cuff, full speed ahead” was a bit premature, it turns out.

Igor guitarist B. O’Malley went under the knife (and some tasty anesthesia) for arthroscopic shoulder surgery April 30.

This after a February 2012 hurling of a cinder block that tore O’Malley’s right shoulder cartilage (“labrum,” which sounds eerily like “labia”) in the front and back.

Minimum 4 weeks in a sling, followed by 4-7 months of physical therapy.

Hopefully somewhere in there, Igor will have her guitarist back.

Meanwhile, the rest of the band doesn’t notice the guitar’s absence, and keeps playing an extraordinarily anemic version of “Blood Whore.”



Me Llamo Carlos (Yo Tengo Chainsaw)

Me Llamo Carlos (Yo Tengo Chainsaw)

Mar 22


snuck across the border, 1994
tijuana prison didn’t want me no more
murderin the rich, eatin all the poor
i got some dirty feelings that I never could ignore

hey hola chava
me llamo carlos

yo tengo chainsaw
I’m gonna cutcha cutcha cutcha

rented me a condo, got myself a job
I was sellin oranges on the corner for the mob
met a chubby debutante, cut her up in two
now my disco babies I’ma comin for you

bridge (spoken)

oh baby and you know what that means
it means you, and me and my chainsaw are gonna get down
way down
down to the bone
can you hear me?  you speak espanol? of course you don’t
so let me break it down for you

peekin up your window, sneakin through your door
screamin like a bitch and then you’re droppin to the floor
I’m a deadly cobra, I’m a rattlesnake
stuff you into baggies then I throw you in the lake

B-D  / B-A verse
E – A – B chorus